11 Feb From Homeless With 7 Children to The “Facebook Content Queen”…

Today I have an amazing story to share with you.

If you’ve ever had some hard times…

Doubted your ability to persist and succeed…

Or been frustrated trying to build your online business and figure out all the “techy stuff”…

Then I want to I want to introduce you someone really special to me, who has one of the most remarkable stories I’ve heard.

Our clients consistently tell me that she “feels like family” after just 1 phone call…

She’s a mother of 7 amazing children…

And due to her superhuman ability to schedule more than 1,000 posts per week…

Our entire team humbly bows down and refers to her as the “Facebook Content Queen”.

Introducing my VP of Content, Jill Wallace!

Jill Wallace Facebook Content Queen

I did an exclusive interview with Jill, so keep reading to find out how she overcame being homeless with multiple children TWICE!

And how she now DOMINATES Facebook Content at a ridiculous and unprecedented level.

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Here’s the low-down:

When: March 3-5, 2016
Where: San Diego, CA

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Now for the fun stuff 🙂

Q: What’s your “Heroes Journey” story that led you here?

A: 5 years ago, I had to tell my 7 children we were homeless.

See, I got married at 18, and at 26 my husband left our family of me and 4 kids. I had never worked outside of waitressing, and there was no money to go around.

So, we moved in with my brother, and the 5 of us shared a small room. Those were hard times, and I realized that we were in this situation because I was dependent on a man for my livelihood.

I dug us out of that situation by getting a job and working my way up in the corporate world, to the point where I was managing about 40 employees… and things were going well.

I remember one day, you (Jesse) and Mitch (who is my nephew) called me up and said they needed someone they trusted to handle the money and HR in their internet business… and I laughed!

I had kids to worry about and had no idea how this internet thing would make money!

Fast forward 1 month and I lost my job, and as a result my car and house as well. For the 2nd time in 7 years, my kids and I were living in my brothers house in 1 room sleeping wherever we could…

So I gave you and Mitch a call and said “what about that internet thing?”

And I decided then that I would do whatever I needed to do with Mitch and Jesse to learn to become an entrepreneur and 100% self sufficient.

No man or company would ever be able to put me and my family out of our home again.

I went from knowing absolutely ZERO about the internet…

To working with these guys for more than 5 years and having that self sufficiency I wanted… and I think I value family so much because that’s all I had during those tough times. That’s why people see me as the “mom” of the group :).

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Q: How do you help our coaching students get success?

A: On the surface, I teach them how to effectively post content on their Facebook Fanpage…

But the success part actually comes in 2 ways:

First, I help them create a system to quickly and easily create content using Canva and tools like that.

So for example, I had a client tell me I literally changed her life because she woke up everyday feeling like she had to post 3 times a day… and she dreaded it and felt like a bad person if she didn’t do it…

To instead now she can take 2 hours on a Monday to create and schedule ALL of her content for the week.

Secondly, I give them ideas on how to turn their content and success system into valuable, bite-sized, educational posts on Facebook that can change people’s lives…

For example, I suggested to a massage therapist client to do a 5 minute live stream showing people how to use a tennis ball on your back to relax.

It’s little, life-changing things like this that allow people to see the humanity in you…

And if you can help them for free with something like this, then they’ll want to come back and work with you more and buy your stuff.

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Q: What would you say to a beginner who doesn’t know where to start?

A: My biggest advice would be to not take on too much and don’t get ahead of yourself. Focus is key.

So when I work with people trying to build their online business using Facebook, I ask them to take the internet side out of it.

I ask “if you were building a brick and mortar store, would you build 4 at the same time? Or get 1 working and cranking and then expand?”

The answer is obvious… but it’s a good reminder to do 1 thing at a time.

With a store, first you’d figure out the land and get the building. Then you’d decorate. Then you’d advertise and open the doors.

Then once that store was massively successful and running on autopilot… you’d do it again.

So with this online stuff… you need to STOP all the other stuff.

If you believe in our system, then focus on the path we’re giving you. Learn about and DO the 1st thing.

Then learn about and DO the 2nd thing. 1 step at a time… that’s the key.

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Q: What are some of your favorite tools and apps?

A: “Canva is my b!tch.” [as I laugh uncontrollably]

Seriously, it’s my favorite. You can create EVERYTHING you need for Facebook – ads, covers, quote cards… even logos. It’s awesome :).

Trello is great for designing Facebook content like quote cards because it’s so visual and easy.

Then for organization I like Google Calendar and Google Drive (I use spreadsheets to organize scheduling)…

GoToMeeting is awesome for meetings because every single call is at my 1 link. No more fumbling for phone numbers or anything. So that relieves a lot of stress and saves time.

Then Fiverr is a no-brainer – it’s the best place to go for a cheap quick fix. Need photos cut out for your quote cards? Go to Fiverr and get like 3 for $5. Easy.

Lastly, Pexels.com is the best for free stock photos. They release 100 new ones every day, and they’re high quality so I always grab a bunch of those.

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Q: Where do you see Facebook going in the next 5 years?

A: Video, video, video.

Facebook is already busy developing things for Facebook TV and Facebook Radio…

And the reason why is because they have a TON of people who want to advertise on Facebook (like us)…

But only so much ad space. So they need more ways to engage people.

They’re going to keep prioritizing Facebook Live because they want to start running ads in the videos like YouTube does…

So the love people who create longer videos because that’s more time for ads.

This emphasis on video is why we talk about it so much and it’s the PERFECT fit for online business people in our space.

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Q: What are you going to share at Fanpage Traffic Academy LIVE! this March that will knock people’s socks off?

A: Video is the bomb. Seriously.

So I’m going to show you about 5 different, easy ways to make videos so you can get the most reach and engagement possible… without having to live stream.

I know live stream is scary for some people, so even though that’s the way to go long term… I want to share some other easier ways to get started with video.

Ok, that was the last question. I want to give a big “shout out” to Jill, our Facebook Content Queen and the “mom” of our team.

We love you Jill!

If you want to build your business online, master the #1 marketing platform in the world (Facebook), and connect with Jill so she can help you in person…

Then come join us at Fanpage Traffic Academy LIVE!

Have an awesome day and I’ll see you there!

To Your Success,
Jesse Doubek


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