Get Free 14 Day Access To The #1 Facebook Training In The Market
Everything you need to scaling your business online!
Get Free 14 Day Access To The Best Facebook Training In The Market
Everything you need to scaling your business online!
Meet Jesse
Jesse Doubek is one of the most-successful Facebook marketers of our time, and has helped clients reach the global Top 100 Most-Followed Public Figures on Facebook. But it wasn't always this way for him. He was chasing his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Putting in a ton of work and hours each day to become an elite basketball player.  Just as his career was gaining traction...he blew his knee out.  This tragedy left Jesse with no career and no life.  So he was forced to move into his dad's spare room with $100k of debt!  This is where he started his business and changed his life forever. … Learn more here.

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Have you ever wondered how to attract more customers to your business?  Well You're In 
Luck! Jesse Doubek & Mitchell Gandy, who currently run campaigns for Brendon Burchard
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Facebook Campaigns, Ad Sets, And Ads Intro 
Facebook is looking to turn their focus to videos, and wants to be a major team player as a video platform, Mark Zuckerberg stated. An article issued by the Facebook news room further stated that they are committed to making Facebook the best place to share, discover and watch videos, and will continue to improve video on Facebook based on...

Facebook Insights VS. Lookalike Audiences
When you’re looking to improve the performance and success of your Ad Sets, there are a few options you have within your Ads Manager: Lookalike Audiences and Audience Insights. We believe there is a better option than the Lookalike Audience that Facebook will create for you, and it is called Audience Insights....
How to Buy Facebook Fanpages
Jesse Doubek here, and we're going to talk now about fan page acquisition, or buying fan pages, so to speak. Something we're been experimenting with lately is negotiating the sale, and buying Facebook fan pages. It's not an easy process, but when successful, it's well worth the investment of your time and money...
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